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 Contact us to purchase quality meat.  Meat that has a story by farmers who care.   


 Nothing compares to meat raised in a healthy manner.  We believe that once you taste our meat you won't want to go back to the grocery store.  



You're part of the local economy, so you understand how important it is to keep this area vibrant and moving forward.  We're doing that, too!


About Us



Local Farms Harvest was started in 2014 by Derrick Cameron.  Derrick is a full time fire fighter for the city of Noblesville and a farmer.  He grows all the grain the animals eat.    Derrick currently raises heritage breed hogs, grass fed cattle and chickens.  Our beef receive a diet of grass, hay or silage in the winter.  The hogs and chickens receive grains, fodder (a sprouted grass), and a probiotic to help aid digestion.  Our animals don't get antibiotics or growth hormones.  If you have any questions feel free to call or email.         

theboss@localfarmsharvest.com or 317-714-2405

Price List


PORK                                                                                               CHICKEN                                                        WHOLE HOG PRICING

Ground Pork $4/lb                                                                        Whole Birds $3.00/lb                                   Whole hog $2.25/lb
Sausage $5/lb                                                                                Boneless Skinless Breast $7.50/lb             Half hog $2.50/lb
Bacon $7/lb                                                                                    Cornish hens $7/bird                                   Plus processing fees.$$$

Bacon pieces $5/lb                                                                        Ground $8/lb                                                                           
Jowl Bacon $6/lb                                                                           Thighs $4.00/lb

Fresh Pork Belly $7/lb                                                                  Wings $3.50lb  
Tenderloin $7/lb                                                                           Drumsticks $3/lb
Butt/Shoulder Roast $5.00/lb                                                     Hearts/Gizzards $3/pkg
Ham Steaks $6.00/lb                                                                    Liver $3/pkg
Smoked Ham $5/lb                                                                      Backs/Necks $2/lb                                        All whole or half animals

Fresh Ham $4/lb                                                                                                                                                    pricing is on hanging
Ribs; Babyback $6/lb                                                                    GRASS FED LAMB                                          weight.........
Ribs; Spare $5/lb                                                                           Loin Chops $22/lb 
Pork Chops $6/lb                                                                          Sirloin Chops $18/lb

Pork Steaks $5/lb
Bratwurst; Italian $6/pkg                                                             Leg of Lamb $16/lb                                      Pastured Turkeys
Bratwurst; Garlic & Parmesan $8/pkg                                       Ground Lamb $14/lb                                   $5/lb
Smoked Sausage w/ cheese $6/pkg                                           Kabob meat $14/lb                                      Call to order, going fast
Breakfast links $4/pkg                                                                  Shank  $12/lb
Breakfast patties $5/pkg                                                              Heart/Liver $6/pkg
Pork Burgers 1/3lb patties $8/pkg

Sausage Burgers 1/3lb patties $9/pkg
Pork Loin $7/lb

Pork Cubed Cutlets $6/lb

Pork Chunks (kabob) $5/lb
Hocks (smoked or regular) $3/lb
Soup Bones $1/lb
Tail $1/pkg
Feet $1/pkg

BEEF.  GRASS FED GRASS FINISHED                             Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef Pricing 

Ground Beef $7/lb                                                        Whole $3.25

1/3lb patties 6ct. $15/pkg                                            Half $3.50
Liver $3/pkg                                                                   Quarter $3.75

Ribeye $15/lb                                                                 Plus processing fees $$$

TBone $17/lb                                                                 Deposit Required.

Porterhouse $18/lb

Sirloin Steak $10/lb

Round Steak $10/lb

Chuck/Arm Roast $5/lb                                                10/1/2016

Rump Roast $7/lb

Soup Bones $3/lb

Brisket $12/lb

Short ribs $7/lb

Cube steak $8/lb

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Local Farms Harvest

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