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Hoosier Growers was started to provide vegetables year around to those in Indiana and has grown from there.  We noticed there was a large gap in Indiana for year around produce.  

We also wanted to provide these greens at the most sustainable way we knew how - Hydroponics.  Learn more below. 



Shiitake. Grey Oyster, Chestnut.  

Our mushrooms are grown in a controlled environment which allows us to maintain their high quality and ensure a long shelf life. Mushrooms are grown from an organic growing medium block

inoculated with the associated strain of fungi. This process allows us to provide a high quality and great tasting mushroom, in fact it's what we strive for.

Click here to see some mushrooms growing!


Hydroponic Vegetables

Bibb Lettuce. Romaine Lettuce. Loose Leaf Lettuce Mix. Swiss Chard. Lettuce. Cabbage. Spinach. (Seasonally)

 Vegetables grown in this manner conserve water, are less susceptible to diseases, and grow much quicker.  This allows us to proved a stronger, healthier vegetable.

Purveyors of locally produced products

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Halal Meat is offered through Hoosier Growers and we would love for you to learn more.  Check out the Halal Tab above.

Hydroponic Produce

Hydroponic greens are available and assist with our short Indiana growing season.  Hydroponic growth allows for less disease within the plant, fewer pests and a natural pest control so no use for pesticides- meaning you have a healthier plant with quicker growth.  Hydroponics also allow you to grow with less water making it a more sustainable farming method. 

Hydroponic greens available (Romaine, loose leaf and bibb)- cucumbers and tomatoes coming soon.


Produce and herbs grown by area farmers brings you back to a simpler time, when the growing process was slow and done by hand. Machines definitely help speed up the process but our farmers are still in the fields everyday with their crops. 

Fresh Vegetables. Fruits. Herbs. Flowers.


Gourmet Shitake. Grey Oyster. Chestnut Mushrooms

Frozen Sweet Corn/ Green Beans

On farm produced Frozen Sweet Corn and Green Beans in its natural goodness locks in the flavors and keeps it fresh until you are ready to eat it.  



We provide only high quality locally produced goods. This means it doesn't travel far to reach your location so it is always fresh. Purchasing from us means you will always have a story with your products, one that inspires the best part of the food journey.  



Nothing compares to meat raised on a farm in a healthy and humane manner.  We believe that once you taste our meat you won't want to go back to the grocery store. Humanely raised meat just tastes better, try it and find out. 



 You're part of the local economy, so you understand how important it is to keep this area vibrant and moving forward.  We want that too, which is why purchasing locally sourced products is one of the best ways to keep this area growing. 


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