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Halal Meat

Beef. Lamb. Chicken. Goat. 

Our meat is certified Halal.  We take care to follow the strict guidelines of the Qur'an by performing the ritual Zabihah or Zibah. 

Meet Ra'd Ali

Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Raheem

As Salaam Alaikum

Dear Brother's and Sister's ,

Allah tells us in the Quran

And our Noble Prophet SAS

Tells us to eat of the good things that He has provided, And that we should do what is right, He Allah is aware of what we do.

My name is Ra'd Ali; and I have performing Zabiha for over 12 years, I slaughtered at Zabiha Halal meats,

And also at a slaughterhouse in southern Indiana.

Both were places that were certified by the Islamic co op.

I personally do the Zabiha so as to make sure that our

Customers will have Halal meats in accordance with

Islamic law.